Speed Test India

SpeedTestIndia.com is designed to test the download and upload speed of user's internet DSL/Cable connection (specially located in India), so Indian users can test and check either they are getting proper speed of internet or not. So, this product is very useful to rectify the internet speed issue. Speedtestindia.com analyze your internet speed by downloading and uploading and then it shows the Maximum Upload/Download and Average Upload/Download speed of your internet connection.

Why Should I Check My Intenet Speed?

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) promise to provide a certain speed, but sometimes users do not receive that speed on their end, there are lot of reasons which may cause slow internet speed, for example: connetion issue from local exchange, line issue, miss-configuration of internet connection on your machine or may be general issue from ISP. So, to check the Upload and Download speed Speedtestindia.com comes in handy.

Maximize The Test Accuracy

Sometimes on Windows or Mac machines downloading starts on backend (like updation/downloading the patches for OS) or some softwares also update automatically via internet. Also, if possible close unnecessary opened browser tabs/windows. Therefore, in order to check exact or maximum accurate internet speed, you should stop all type of downloadings or uploadings before pressing the "Start Test" (Green) button.